Mindful in Morocco

Packing can be hard for a vacation. Sometimes, if you feel like you have everything, you get to the destination and feel as if you are not prepared. Prevent this when you visit Morocco!

Marrakech, Morocco is one of Morocco’s most visited cities so therefore, very touristy. Morocco is an Islamic country so general guidelines such as not consuming alcoholic beverages and covering from neck to toe are usually followed by locals. It is a dessert climate which does lead to very hot summers.

As tourists we must be mindful of each culture that we experience, regardless of the climate. I visited in July, which is one of Marrakech’s hottest months. Of course at the hotel, it is ok to slip into a swimsuit and enjoy the pool, but once exiting one must be mindful.

Jumpsuits are a fashionable and great way to stay covered! I wore one on my way to a traditional Hammam Spa (which I highly recommend doing on your trip to Morocco).

The Souks of Marrakech are famous around the world for its local products, chaos, and maze-like alleyways. It feels like you’re in a movie! The Souks are filled with locals, so you must be modest here. I wore a simple and loose maxi dress, so that I could enjoy shopping in comfort.

Maxi dress in the Souk
Enjoying our balcony as the Four Seasons, Marrakech!
The Making of Argan Oil
The colorful spices in the Souk

So, although Morocco is one of the more liberal Muslim countries and you will be fine if you do not cover up in public, it is still important to respect the culture and not attract unnecessary attention. In general, one should always do some research before going to a new place, to get a brief overview of what to expect.

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