My Favorite Vegan Restaurants in London

I’ve loved London since I was a little girl. Its high fashion and the Buckingham Palace always gave me joy. The city remains to be one of my favorites, particularly because of its amazing vegan food.

1. Farmacy

This posh 100% vegan restaurant is delightful. The restaurant goes by the motto “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Therefore they gave us our Turmeric Booster in a Syringe Shot. Along with our booster, my friend and I ordered the most delicious vegan banana bread I have ever had. The warm banana bread along with vegan caramel ice cream practically melted in my mouth after each bite. It was awesome!

Turmeric Syringe Shot
Vegan banana bread

2. Wild Food Café Covent Garden

This cozy spot in Covent Garden is delicious. Here I had a raw vegan banana cheesecake. After consuming it, I could not believe that everything was made from nuts and fruit and yet tasted so fabulous. I highly recommend this place!

Raw vegan banana cheesecake

3. Nama Foods

This raw vegan restaurant is outstanding. Here we ordered the raw nut cheese platter that came along with raw bread was delightful. Additionally, we ordered a raw vegan pizza which was yummy!!

Raw vegan cheese platter
Raw vegan pizza

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